Saturday, November 28, 2015

Double Decker Bus Ride in London

Udurawana and a friend Siri went to London. They managed to get onto a double-decker bus. Siri somehow managed to find a seat downstairs ,But unfortunately Udurawana had to go to the top. After a while when the rush was over, Siri went upstairs to see his friend Udurawana. Udurawana was in a bad condition clutching the seats in front with both hands and saying his prayers, scared to death.He asks,"Udurawana! What the heck's going on? Why are you so scared?... I was really enjoying my ride down there? Udurawana mumbles "Yeah, but you've got a driver."

Crocodile Boots

Udurawana proposes to a woman. She says "yes if you bring me a pair of crocodile boots". He sets off to Africa and then disappears. Finally a search team found him hunting a huge crocodile. He walks over to the reptile, checks its legs and angrily exclaims. "65th damn crocodile and this bugger is also bare-feet!"

Real Costly

One day an Englishman came to visit Udurawana at his ancestral home, which contained several magnificent pieces of antique furniture. The Englishman was very impressed with a piece and commented: "Very nice. This must be costly" Quickly Udurawana corrected him, saying "No, No, mister. This is mahogany". N.B. mahogany is a very valuable wood used to make expensive furniture. The English word 'costly' has similar pronunciation to Sinhala "Kos Lee", meaning a type of wood also used for making furniture, but not as expensive as mahogany.